Austin Councilman: homosexuality and pedophilia are the same

On Friday, I wrote about the North Dakota State Representative who equated homosexuality with mental illness.  Today in homophobia, we have Don Zimmerman, an Austin, Texas Councilman who took to Facebook to equate homosexuality and pedophilia.  His charming comment is below:

Don Zimmerman FB Gay Marriage

Unsurprisingly, people were ticked at Councilman Zimmerman.  At a subsequent Town Hall meeting, Zimmerman was asked if he believed that homosexuality and pedophilia were equivalent. However, the Councilman refused to answer directly:

“I have a long track record of defending the idea of marriage as one man, one woman. This debate has just started. I don’t think the Supreme Court decision will solve anything. I told you my position, I defended marriage as between man and a woman so how does your question affect District 6?”

In a follow-up interview, Zimmerman doubled down on stupid, again making the comparison of homosexuality and pedophilia and specifically invoking NAMBLA, the North American Man-Boy Love Association:

“I’m worried about NAMBLA taking a playbook. Copying a playbook which was used to get marriage redefined and use that playbook to redefine the age of consent.”

Zimmerman later added that he has no problem with the actions of two consenting adults, which is difficult to believe, to put it politely.

This is likely not the end of this story for Zimmerman, as an ethics complaint was filed against him for his comments, with the complaint saying that Zimmerman violated the City of Austin’s personnel policy.  Interestingly, not only does the complaint go after the content of Zimmerman’s remarks, but it also notes that he used City resources (specifically, a city computer or city cell phone) to make the remarks.  It also notes that this is the 2nd complaint filed against Zimmerman in six months.

Councilman Zimmerman clearly has judgement issues – his comparisons are abhorrent, with no basis in reality. That being said, the fact that Zimmerman may have used city resources to make his comments could actually land him in a bit of hot water.  If you are a government official and are going to say stupid things, at least make sure you are using equipment that you paid for yourself, not the government.

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