North Dakota State Representative: Gay Marriage is a great victory for the “METALLY ILL!!!!”

Well, if you are going to make a homophobic post, at least get your spelling right.

North Dakota State Representative Dwight Keifert (R) became the latest politician to make a ridiculous homophobic Facebook post.  This particular post came in response to the Supreme Court’s decision regarding gay marriage.  In the post, Representative Keifert said:

Kiefert Facebook Post

Damnit.  Just…damnit.  Kiefert, in an interview, said that he was trying to start a discussion of whether or not homosexuality was a mental disorder…something that mental health associations have not considered to be the case since 1973.  Kiefert also added:

“I don’t think that it’s normal. You can’t reproduce. I mean, a man and a woman is what it takes to make a child.”

Right.  So, if you are a sterile heterosexual couple, you better get divorced, according to the good Representative.  Kiefert also added that he didn’t know if homosexuality is a mental illness…after all, he was just trying to start a conversation.


Representative Kiefert’s remarks were reputiated by the Republican Majority Leader, Al Carlson, who said that Kiefert “…speaks for himself” and added that he didn’t think homosexuality was a mental illness, saying that, “That topic shouldn’t even be discussed.”  The Chair of the Republican Party of South Dakota also added that Kiefert’s “rants don’t serve the public good.”

As noted by KVRR, Representative Kiefert had previously objected to having a Muslim lead prayers in North Dakota’s Capitol on Ash Wednesday.

Probably not a lot I need to add here.

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