Governor Bobby Jindal tries #AskBobby for Presidential campaign…nope. Shouldn’t have done that.

Why does no one listen to me on this?

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal recently declared that he was running for President.  As part of his new campaign, he tried this one:

Oh no.  Governor Jindal clearly isn’t a reader of this blog, because if he was, he would have known better.  Hashtag events like this, at a national level, almost never work, because trolls will absolutely take over and destroy the hashtag.

And, of the more than 17,000 tweets using this hashtag…


For the umpteenth time, if you have as much negative sentiment in certain segments of the population as Jindal does, you have no business holding an event like this.  It will only lead to scorn, humiliation, and bad press.  Which is exactly what happened.


Tweets and Consequences

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