Wife of Israeli minister takes to Twitter to make racist joke about Obama

Judy Shalom Mir-Mozes is an activist and media personality in Israel.  She is also the wife of Silvan Shalom, the Israeli Vice Prime Minister and Interior Minister.  With a personality and profile like that, you would think that Mir-Mozes would be smart enough to watch what she said on social media.  Nope:

mozes racist tweet via

That tweet was sent out by Mozes last week.  It was, of course, quickly deleted, and Mozes apologized:

However, Mozes, of all people, should have learned not to do this by now:

  • In 2012, when Israel was under attack via rockets from Gaza, Mozes tweeted, “I hope that today they decide to destroy Gaza if they don’t stop shooting. Let them suffer as well.”
  • Later the same year, Mozes’ husband’s social media accounts were taken over by pro-Hamas hackers.  Mozes responded: “The murderers have taken over Silvan’s Facebook, Twitter and email. Our son Nimrod is trying to salvage. I wish they would die!

Mozes’ repeated social media gaffees are stupid.  She is a personality in her own right, not just the wife of a high-profile official, so it’s not as if she can claim that she is just an ordinary person and people should let her say what she wants on social media.  More to the point, anyone connected with a public official needs to use extreme caution when using social media – and this applies to staff and family as well.

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