J. Crew Executive fired after taking to Instagram to mock those he just fired

J. Crew is an upscale clothing line which is, apparently, having its share of troubles.  The troubles are so bad that, last week, the company laid off 175 employees.

Mass firings are a tragic event, to be taken seriously.  I can only imagine how difficult it must have been to be one of the layoffs, and would think that it would have been extremely difficult to be one of the employees involved in the firing as well, knowing that you were forced into a situation where you had to let go of your friends and colleagues.  Surely, such an event would need be handled with great delicacy and tact, right?

Apparently Alejandro Rhett missed that memo.  Rhett was, until recently, the Vice President of Men’s Merchandising at J. Crew.  The day of the layoffs, Rhett went drinking and uploaded pictures of his evening escapes to Instagram.  He personally uploaded only one picture:

Alejandro Rhett Instagram J. Crew

Hashtags that Rhett used include #nofunhere.  Meanwhile, people Rhett was with uploaded these two pics:

J Crew Instagram photos for David Boyle

J Crew Instagram photos for David Boyle

Some of the less swift hashtags used here include #forthewin #damnitfeelsgoodtobeaganster and #hungergames.

For someone who just laid off friends, Rhett sure seems to be enjoying himself.  And, judging by the hashtags he used and that big ole smile on his face, Rhett seems to not fully grasp the painfulness of the layoffs he just participated in.

Needless to say, Rhett is no longer with J. Crew.  Although J. Crew hasn’t confirmed it, Rhett has apparently been fired from the company.

To some extent, you have to feel bad for Rhett.  Of course the posts he made were exceptionally stupid, and something that needed to be dealt with by his employer.  That being said, the nature of social media is viral, and people are always looking for a new bad guy.  As a result, a stupid post which should have stayed between Rhett and J. Crew, has become international fodder.  This, of course, speaks volumes to the power – and the danger – of social media.

Tweets and Consequences

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