Sheriff’s deputy forced to retire after inappropriate Facebook posts

Until last week, James Myers was a Sheriff’s Deputy in Dane County, Wisconsin.  What happened?  Myers was forced to retire after making two very inappropriate Facebook posts.

Channel 3000 took to Facebook to post a map which showed the locations of a series of shootings in Madison, Wisconsin.  The post then asked the question, “What should be done about this trend?”

Myers responded:

Dane Myers Map

Just in case you cannot read the comments, Myers said, “Send them back to Chicago.” About 30 minutes later, Myers added, “Then nuke Chicago.”

The posts were made on May 15; five days later, it was reported that Myers was under investigation for the posts and put on paid leave.  After the story broke, Sheriff Dave Mahoney took to Facebook to apologize for Myers’ post:

Many of the commenters noted that the comments had a clear racist tinge to them.

It was reported last week that Myers had to retire as a result of the posts.  As noted by the Wisconsin State Journal, Sheriff Mahoney said:

The deputy’s actions “irreparably impaired his ability to perform the duties of a law enforcement officer,” Sheriff Dave Mahoney said, “and as such, he is no longer employed by the Dane County Sheriff’s Office.” Myers made public statements that would “significantly erode the confidence” citizens place in the Sheriff’s Office, Mahoney added.

As always, the conclusion is simple: don’t make stupid posts, and don’t be surprised when stupid posts get you fired – particularly if you are a public official.

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