Sorry I voted yes on the budget; I meant to vote no, but I was on Facebook

Uhh…alrighty then.

Scott Wilk is a Republican California Assemblyman who made headlines for all the wrong reasons: He voted yes on California’s budget.  This was surprising, considering that Assemblyman Wilk was on Facebook, discussing how he voted no:

Strange.  So, what happened?  Why did Assemblyman Wilk vote yes when he clearly was opposed to the budget?

Oh dear.

Yes, that’s right, Assemblyman Wilk voted for a budget he opposed because, apparently, while on the floor, he was on Facebook and thus not paying attention.  The Assemblyman’s vote still counted as a no because you are allowed to change your vote after the session ends, and that’s what Wilk did.

I’ve written extensively about how Facebook and social media can cause real world disasters, but this is the first time that I’ve ever actually seen someone be so distracted by social media that they confused what they were voting on during what is arguably one of the most important votes that a legislature will make in a given year.  It just goes to show…do not get so distracted by social media that you forget to deal with your real world responsibilities!

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