The nicest thing you can do on social media: Say Happy Birthday!

I’m writing this on my wife’s birthday (don’t worry, I’ll be stepping away from the computer very shortly!), and that just reminded me of something that I think every elected official – really, everybody – should do on social media: Say Happy Birthday.  All the time.

Here’s the deal: On your birthday, don’t you love it when someone wishes you a Happy Birthday?  Of course you do – everyone does – it makes you feel a little bit special.  And, social media makes it easy for you to return the favor and add something nice on someone’s big day.  This is just a common sense thing to do when it comes to being a good person and relationship building.

Is there a process to it?  Yeah, a little bit.  Here are some things I do when it comes to birthday celebrations:

  • Have a To Do list?  Add “Happy Birthday” to it.  This will help you remember to give people Happy Birthday wishes every day.
  • Take advantage of the birthday reminders: Facebook and LinkedIn, among other networks, offer birthday reminders and give you a chance to easily wish someone the best on their birthday.  Use that list.
  • Don’t just say, “Happy Birthday!”: The default message is nice, of course, but if you want to make your message stand out, don’t just copy and paste the same thing to all your friends.  Add their name to the message.  Write something specific to them.  Just make your message stand out somehow.

Again, birthdays are a great chance to make someone feel special.  Take advantage of it!

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