Sheriff’s Deputy in Ohio fired after racist posts

You can now add former Sheriff’s Deputy Zach Davis to the string of racist law enforcement officers who were fired because of racist things they said on social media.

The former deputy sent out a string of racist tweets following the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, and then the subsequent riots.  Some of the lowlights include:

ZachDavis3 ZachDavis2 ZachDavis1

Unsurprisingly, Davis’ Twitter page has been deleted.

Before these tweets, Davis worked for Clark County, Ohio.  After being made aware of the tweets, Clark County Sheriff Gene Kelly fired Davis.  Said Kelly, “If you’re posting these type of statements then I don’t feel you can serve this community.”  According to local news reports, Kelly’s quick firing of Davis, which took place within hours of learning about the tweets in question, earned the Sheriff praise from the local NAACP.

Seriously, people, come on.  If you are a public officer, particularly a law enforcement officer, you shouldn’t be racist.  And, my goodness, you shouldn’t be this dumb!  How anyone could say such things is beyond me, particularly given the offensive nature of Davis’ tweets and the obviously charged racial atmosphere that we are currently living in, particularly between law enforcement and the African-American community.  Social media is public, and regardless of your privacy settings or how few friends/followers you have, anything said digitally can go viral in an instant.  For the sake of your own career, use caution when using social media!

Bonus!  The other day, I gave a presentation on how to use social media to get – and then not lose – a job.  That presentation is below.  Enjoy!


Using social media to get – and then not lose – a job

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