Illinois principal candidate puts job in jeopardy due to Facebook posts

A candidate to be principal of a High School in Lake Forest, Illinois, found her possible selection in jeopardy after a series of social media posts were discovered.

The person in question was Dr. Chala Holland, whose name was leaked early as the “presumed top candidate” to be the new principle for Lake Forest High School.  Once Dr. Holland’s name was leaked, many googled her and discovered a series of social media posts that were met with disdain.  These posts came from Dr. Holland’s educational consultancy, the Holland Educational Consultancy Group. Most controversial was a Facebook picture of Malcolm X with the quote, “Only A Fool Would Let His Enemy Teach His Children,” with the comment by HECG, “His words continue to resonate. His life will never be forgotten.”  Other residents complained that, on her blog, Dr. Holland attacked racially diverse schools because those schools are, “‘at their core’ still ‘beacons of racial inequities disguised by a false notion of meritocracy and the reality of white privilege and internalized racism.’”

All of the social media accounts in question were deleted within 24 hours of being made public.

At the most recent school board meeting, a standing-room only crowd packed the meeting room to offer support or attack Dr. Holland.  Moving forward, the school board will hold two special meetings in early June to determine whether or not to continue with Dr. Holland’s potential candidacy.

The timing of this is interesting to me personally: I just gave a seminar on how job applicants should and should NOT use social media.  This clearly falls into what never to do.  The posts in question are certainly controversial and have obvious racial implications, particularly given that, as usual, social media has no context.  It is highly possible that Dr. Holland never meant the posts in any racist way, but the content of what she posted does not easily lend itself to such an interpretation. My advice: Steer clear of such highly charged content on social media. By and large, it does no good and only lends itself to potential problems.

Tweets and Consequences

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One Comment

  1. “Only a Fool would let his enemy teach his children”….
    How surprised Malcom would be to see what our “Government Education” has accomplished, for we have become a Nation of Fools!


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