Volunteer removed from governmental board after racist Facebook comment

In today’s entry, we have a volunteer who was removed from a county government board because of a racist Facebook post.

Until recently, Marcel “Butch” Verrando was a board member of the Marion County Industrial Development Authority.  That ended when Verrando took to the Marion County Political Forum Facebook page and made this exceptionally dumb Facebook post:

Marcel Verrando Facebook Post

Unsurprisingly, Marion County Commissioners were less than pleased with these comments.  Said commission chair Stan McClain, “We don’t condone it as a commission, we don’t allow our staff to talk that way, and we’re not going to have it.” And with that, Verrando was removed from the Marion County IDA.  After the meeting, McClain apologized for the comment and noted that all volunteers would be given the opportunity to attend Diversity training.

Unsurprisingly, Verrando had gotten into trouble for earlier comments, once using an online forum to attack a veteran who was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  In that situation, Verrando’s comments (unsurprisingly) resulted in his resignation from the Fire Advisory Board.  So, really, this is Verrando’s second forced removal from a volunteer board after he made ridiculous comments online.

The only somewhat interesting thing with this entry is that Verrando is a volunteer – and yet, he was still held accountable for his repeated online posts and resigned/removed from office.  This just goes to show that anyone who holds any public position is held to a higher standard – even if that position is volunteer and not elected.

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