Mike Huckabee defends Josh Duggar on Facebook, and Facebook reacts…badly

Hello again!  First, I apologize for the lack of entries on Thursday and Friday.  I had a fantastic little virus but am up and running again.

Today’s entry features a resounding swing and a miss from the Facebook page of former Governor and Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee.  As you are most likely aware, Josh Duggar, of the 19 Kids and Counting series, recently admitted to having molested young girls as a teenager.  The show, and Josh Duggar, have since faced incredible backlash: Duggar was forced to resign from his post at the anti-gay Family Research Council and 19 Kids and Counting has been pulled, at least temporarily, from TLC’s lineup.

The entire Duggar family was very active in conservative Republican politics: They endorsed Mike Huckabee in 2008, Rick Santorum in 2012 and Huckabee again this cycle.  So, when the story first broke, it became apparent that it would almost certainly force a comment from at least Huckabee, who is a declared Presidential candidate.  To the surprise of many, Huckabee released a statement in strong support of Duggar and his family:

And from there, things got ugly.  Check out some of the most liked responses to this thread:

Huckabee comments

Those are just a few samples of hundreds of anti-Huckeabee comments, and they go on into other threads too.  As I type this entry, Huckabee has since made eight Facebook posts, none of which have anything to do with the Duggar tragedy.  In FIVE of those cases, one of the most liked comments (and thus most visible) is someone slamming Huckabee for his statement on Josh Duggar.

To be sure, this isn’t just a Facebook/social media conversation.  However, in this case, the Facebook reaction is emblematic of the reaction from much of the real world.  From a political perspective, the former Governor is likely trying to shore up his base and maintain conservative Christian support.  However, this move likely made it much, much more difficult for him to every broaden his base of support outside of that relatively narrow range.

Tweets and Consequences

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