Michigan School Board Member: What could be worse than a black attorney general?

Another day, another school board member making a racially offensive social media post.

Today’s entry comes to us courtesy of Ellen Champagne of the Ypsilanti Community School Board.  Ms. Champagne is also an employee of the University of Michigan, so this one is sort of a double whammy.

Here’s the post:


The post was made back in March.  When confronted about it at a school board meeting, Champagne said that she never intended for the post to be made public and would have reworded it.  She also said she meant it to be anti-racist…not quite sure how that was a thing.  Champagne also declined to comment to the local paper when asked; however, to her credit, Ms. Champagne apologized for the post via Facebook:

Important to note in this apology is there is none of that “Sorry to those who I offended” nonsense.

In response to the incident, School Board President Sharon Irvine said that the entire school board will work on “cultural proficiency and board ethics,” saying, “One of the important values brought forward through the consolidation is the new district’s ongoing commitment to cultural proficiency. As an elected board, we are proud of, and unequivocally committed to, this value in our district. We take anything that questions this commitment very seriously.”

The board also passed a resolution expressing concern over the comments.

This is far from the first time that a school board member has made an exceptionally ridiculous social media post.  It’s almost as if some of these folks forget how important their leadership role is. Additionally, it’s important to note that Champagne never meant for the post to become public.  Why is that important?  Because, regardless of your privacy settings, everything that you post digitally can become public, and this goes double for elected officials.  A good rule of thumb: Never post anything to social media that you would be uncomfortable having appear on the front page of your local newspaper.

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