Anti-drug website fooled by anti-drug satire

Remember D.A.R.E.?  It was an active anti-drug program that got started when I was a kid, and is apparently still around. Their motto, according to their website, is “Teaching students good decision-making skills to help them lead safe and healthy lives.”

Whoever runs their website needs better decision making skills, and they fell for a pretty obvious satirical post.

Here’s a screenshot from their website:

DARE grets fooled by anti drug post

The post itself came from, which is, of course, a totally satirical website.  Among the headlines I am looking at right now: “3 Day Old McDonald’s Food Sprouts Legs, Has Fight To the Death,” and “It Is Time For America to Declare War on Saturn’s Moon Titan.”

The content of the article should have made it clear that it was a joke.  Among the items of the article that really should have given away it’s satirical nature: “For every one joint of marijuana, four teenagers become burdened with pregnancy.”  Didn’t think that one was possible, but hey….

According to the Washington Post, the article was deleted by D.A.R.E. and they made no comment about the incident.

Of course, D.A.R.E. is not the first to fall for such a stunt.  Congressman John Flemming (R-LA) once made a post to his Facebook page discussing Planned Parenthood’s new “abortionplex” (in an ONION article), and there is a whole slew of others who have made the same mistake.

A few tips if you want to avoid becoming victim to the same error:

  • If a story seems to insane to be true, it may very well be.  Google it, and see if it exists elsewhere.
  • Check the source of the story by visiting its main page – are there a bunch of other crazy articles on the website?  Then maybe don’t post it.
  • Read the story in it’s entirety before posting, because a dead giveaway of it’s satirical nature may be further down in the article.

Any other similar stories to add?   Let us know in the comments!

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