The Baltimore Riots are being used as a recruiting tool for the Maryland National Guard…wait, what??

As noted by Think Progress, the Maryland National Guard launched a bit of a bizarre Facebook post in an effort to recruit:

Just in case you can’t tell, that’s a picture of the Maryland National Guard during the Baltimore riots.  This picture wasn’t the only one:

The message was published several different times with different photos of the National Guard in the city, including the one below in which a row of mostly white National Guard members stand in a line staring across a railing at residents, many of whom are African American.

Too soon and tone deaf are just two of the phrases that I am thinking right now.  The post and the picture are a case of poor timing.  I get it: you want to show the guard in action, and this seems like a good time to do so.  But bragging about how the national guard is being used against citizens of a state – even rioting ones – sends a poor message that the military is needed in order to control a population.  The timing is also terrible; government in Baltimore will be struggling, for years, to repair relations with their citizens.  Having armed members of authority use the city’s struggles as a recruiting tool will only add fuel to the fire.

In other words: don’t feel the need to take advantage of a crisis.

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