Singer Michael Buble uses Instagram, is creepy

I’m a man, which, without question, comes with certain societal advantages.  One of them, generally speaking, is that I I am far less likely than a woman to be blatantly and publicly objectified for my body.  As a man, I try to be very conscious of this, and practically fall over myself to not be guilty of objectifying women in such a way.  Most men that I know and am friends with behave the same way – after all, we all have mothers, wives and daughters.

Someone really should have told this to singer Michael Buble.

In an Instagram post last week, Buble made this post:

In case you didn’t know (I certainly didn’t), that’s Buble in the picture, and the “Lu” he refers to in the caption is his wife.  Meanwhile, that poor woman just happened to be there.

The comments eviscerated Buble:

  • “I love Michael Bublé but I am very disappointed. He’s a married man he shouldn’t be posting pictures like this! If my fiancé did this I’d kick his fucking ass.”
  • “Would you say what you hashtagged to her face?”
  • “That’s someone’s daughter, dude.”
  • “You made sure to get her permission first before posting, right? And that she’s not a minor? Way to keep it classy.”
  • “yep. let’s humiliate a stranger. Stay Classy, Buble.”

The story also became national news, highlighting the poor taste of the pic.

Buble apparently realized he was a shmuck and put this apology on his Instagram feed on Friday:

As far as apologies go, this is a crappy one.  It “hurts [Buble] deeply” that anyone would think he would disrespect women…really?  So he’s the offended party?  He also regrets that people found the photo offensive…not that he took an offensive photo.  When you apologize, you take responsibility and pledge to never let the same thing happen again.  Buble took none.  He clearly doesn’t think he did anything wrong.

I think this goes not just for celebrities or politicians, but for anyone: this is just downright creepy behavior and shows exceptionally poor judgement.  You never make a social media post like this – I’d argue that it was actually a form of harassment/cyber-bullying. Meanwhile, the apology was juvenille, and made Buble sound like he was the offended party.

So, in conclusion, do nothing that Buble did.

One Comment

  1. This is why I am not a big fan of social media sites like Twitter or Instagram. While I have begun to use one (Twitter), I try to be careful with what I post on there. Too many people use these sites as a way to post nasty messages about people without taking any accountability for what they say. This is a good posting, but don’t expect a sincere apology from Mr. Buble anytime soon.


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