The Top Ten Reasons people use social media – so how do you create the content?

This infographic comes to us via a SocialTimes, and it’s genesis is a Global Web Index survey.  The question is simple: Why do people use social media?  The answers are below:

Why People Use Social Media

Okay, fine.  That’s interesting information, but from a content creation perspective, it begs the question: How can you use it?

Well, that’s simple: Reverse it.  Let’s take a look at the top five reasons people are using social media, and examine how you, and your content, can fill that nitch:

1) To stay in touch with what my friends are doing:  As an elected official, people actually do want to know what you are doing: where you are in the community, what activities you are working on, and who you are spending your time with.  Always relate that information back to your constituents and discuss how where you are relates to how you are fighting for them.

2) To stay up to date with news and current events: Same as above – give people up to date news, content and events.  However, again, make sure that the content relates to them and their lives as much as possible.  No one cares about blatant self-promotion – they want to hear how you are fighting for them.

3) To fill up spare time:  Yikes.  However, if someone is looking to fill the hours away, give them a chance via your social media feed.  Ask them questions and engage with them when they respond.  Remember – and this particularly applies to Facebook – engagement begets more engagement.  The more you can get people to engage with your page, the more your organic reach will grow, and the more people will see your content.

4) To find funny or entertaining content: This one is easy: don’t be boring.  Be interesting.  Show your personality and don’t sound like a robot.  And don’t be afraid to actually joke around!

5)  To share my opinion: Ah ha!  This cuts one of the main reasons about why an elected official uses social media: to share their opinion, and hopefully convince others. I’ve said this repeatedly – don’t be afraid to share who you are and what your beliefs are.  However, be ready for criticism and debate.

As always, any other thoughts to add are welcome – let us know in the comments!

Thanks for participating in the discussion!

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