In Britain, candidate in hot water for making pro-Nazi online comments

Scott Cairns is a 21 year old UKIP (United Kingdom Independence Party) candidate for office in Britain.  UKIP is a right-leaning party that has had to repeatedly fend off accusations of racism, and has also had multiple social media fails, as documented here.

Last week, word broke that Cairns became the latest UKIP entrant into the category of saying something racist on social media.  As originally noted by journalist Aidan Kerr, Cairns made a series of racist and seemingly pro-facist statements on social media:

In that first tweet, Cairns is referring to Alex Salmond, a Scottish politician and former fourth First Minister to Scotland.

Then there are these comments and Facebook updates:

The story, of course, went national across Britain – probably not the kind of exposure that Carins was looking for.

In response to the allegations, Carins issued a series of tweets:

His Twitter profile no longer exists

As for UKIP, the party said they would investigate the comments but expressed support behind the idea that his account could have been “compromised”: “We’re investigating the situation. It’s quite possible that his accounts have been compromised.”

The excuse is ridiculous.  In 2012, someone created a fake profile of a random citizen (who was not a candidate for office at the time) for the purpose of shooting off a series of racist comments?  Come on, that doesn’t even come close to passing the smell test.  What this really shows, more than anything else, is that everyone has to be careful with what they put online, even when you are younger.  As we have seen time and time again, comments that you make online can come back to haunt you, regardless of when you make them.

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