Facebook allowing for “Preferred Page Audience” – here’s what you need to know

SocialTimes is reporting that Facebook is now letting Page Managers designate a “Preferred Page Audience” – in other words, a default target audience for who will see your content.  In this screenshot captured at SocialTimes, the format appears as follows:

Preferred Page Audience

The feature hasn’t been rolled out to everyone yet, but it’s getting there.

Keep in mind, Facebook has throttled back organic reach, which means that every person who sees your page content is valuable and cannot be wasted.  As such, you have to make sure that the right person is seeing the right content – and this makes targeting even more important.

As elected officials, should you be setting a preferred page audience, potentially boosting the chances of one group of people seeing your content at the expense of others?

Yes, absolutely.

We all love being Facebook famous and having as broad of an audience as possible seeing our content, but let’s go back to the main reason that elected officials should use Facebook to begin with: to keep their constituents informed and connected.  To that end, your constituents should be your preferred audience.  Period.

I’m sure this goes without saying, but businesses should be investing in creating a preferred page audience as well.  That one is a little tougher, of course – do you target new customers?  Existing customers?  The answer may change from post to post, and this new feature does require that you give each post a little more thought, but it does potentially force you to create more powerful and targeted content for your audience.

Regardless, this is a feature well worth exploring.

Any tips or advice to leave us with?  Please respond in the comments – give us your expertise!

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