More school board members in trouble for racist Facebook posts

You would really think – and hope – that people charged with the responsibility of governing our children’s education would be better than this.

Last week, I wrote about Victoria Dean, a school board member in Monmouth County, New Jersey, who made an anti-Islam post and liked an anti-Islam comment.  This week, unfortunately, we have another anti-Islam Facebook related story.

Dave Florio is the Vice Chairman of the Coventry School Committee, which is located in Rhode Island.  The post, made in February but discovered this month, was this:

Dave Florio Racist FB

Naturally, many in the area were upset by this post:

  • Providence NAACP President James Vincent: “I find it offensive.  I don’t know the First Amemendment rules, but I feel it’s uncalled for.  It doesn’t help us here in Rhode Island in terms of inclusion.  It just hurts people unnecessarily.”
  • James Monterio of the Providence Billy Taylor House: “This is ignorance and propoganda. And a school committee member?  That’s sad.  Especially in light of recent events.”

The recent events referred to by Monterio?  In February, the Islamic School of Rhode Island was vandalized, with “Now this is a hate crime” painted across the front door of the school and other obscenities spray painted around the rest of the building.

Florio has since deleted the post and has not commented publicly on the incident.  However, before the deletion, he made two comments:

  • “I know this post has sparked a discussion. I am a proud Catholic. Yes I know we have not been perfect. We have a great leader in Pope Francis. This is the 21st century not the 1st, eight or 15th. The evil that is being done is not being done by all. However beheadings, stoning to death, flogging, sex slaves etc.. We are suppose to civilized !! Bengazi . Look at you tube and see how these folks tortured our ambassador to death for hours”
  • “Sorry if I offended anyone. I stiil love all of you.”

For the one millionth time, don’t make obscenely racist posts on Facebook!

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