Two elected officials in Monmouth County, NJ, make ridiculously racist Facebook posts

Today’s entry comes to us courtesy of two Republican elected officials in Monmouth County, New Jersey, who decided to make racist posts for the whole world to see.

First, we have the Mayor of Union Beach, Paul Smith, who made this racist post:


Then there is Victoria Dean, who is the Vice President of the Marlboro Board of Education and a member of the Monmouth County Youth Services Commission, who shared this post:

Victoria-Elizabeth-Dean Racist

That comment left by Mark Garza, which has one like?  The like came from Dean.

For obvious reasons, local Democrats attacked.  Said Monmouth Democratic Chairman Vin Gopal:

“The President was born in Hawaii, is a Christian who baptized both his children, and is a member of the Democratic Party.  It is both puzzling and disturbing that a public official like Mayor Smith would deliberately spread falsehoods and misinformation.”

Dean apologized for the posts at the next school board meeting, which 125 people attended and featured over two hours of public comment about Dean’s remarks:

Dean then read prepared remarks wherein she defended the post as “an inadvertent acknowledgement of a friend’s comment” and not her comment. She said that Garza’s comment does not reflect her sentiments or feelings and she apologized for offending the community. She said she is not a racist or a bigot, that she is a minority herself and that she understands the impact of racism.

Many of those speaking called for Dean to resign from the school board.  There’s an added political dimension to the discussion over Dean, as her husband was also the Chair of the Monmouth County GOP.  I say “was” because, in light of the scandal, Christopher Dean resigned from that position.

As for Mayor Smith: as best I can tell, nothing.  No apologies, no explanation, and no resignation (if I am wrong, please correct me).

There’s no analysis possible here.  Both of these posts were disgusting, and no one in public office should promote this kind of racist filth.  This isn’t so much a Facebook issue as it is a judgement one – these two people should not hold elected office.

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