Ben Carson aide in trouble for inappropriate tweets

Last week, I wrote about Liz Mair, the former consultant for Governor Scott Walker who was had to resign after tweets which insulted the Iowa Caucuses and voters came out.  A few weeks before that, it was Ethan Czahor, who had been hired by former Governor Jeb Bush’s campaign, only to be forced to resign after a series of offensive tweets he made became public.

This week, we have a new political staffer who made the same mistake.  This one comes courtesy of Jim Dornan, a staffer for Ben Carson’s presidential campaign.  As noted by Buzzfeed, Dornan made a series of crude tweets about the President, among other offensive tweets.  Samples include:

  • @hardball_chris I’m looking forward to McConnell shoving his fist up Obama’s ass. Although, he will, no doubt, like it. #tcot
  • Thugs will be thugs. #Ferguson
  • The only chickenshit in the Middle East crap is the dipshit in the WH. @BarackObama #tcot #Israel #Bibi #Netanyahu #Midterms2014 #Obama
  • @BarackObama Bend over, bitch. Castro’s driving. #tcot
  • @StephenKing Ur a pretty sick fuck. We know that. Now you’re an asshole too? Immorality and Stupidity make Stephen a dull boy
  • Why did I expect anything from Obama but whining and bitching?

There are far more, and you can check out the Buzzfeed article to read the rest.

As for Dornan’s reaction?


He deleted his Twitter account and has had no comment on the issue as of yet.

The Carson campaign, however, acknowledged the problem, with a campaign spokesperson saying, “I do see the issue associated with his Twitter.”  At the same time, they sought to disassociate the campaign from Dornan, calling him a “volunteer.”

Attention political staffers: STOP IT.  STOP IT NOW.  Clearly the timing of the tweets doesn’t matter – in many of these cases, the tweets were sent months or years before the formal association of this staff with any campaign.  The lesson here for political operatives – and people in general – is that you should never say anything on social media which may come back to haunt you later.

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