South Dakota lawmaker compares ISIS to Planned Parenthood

This one is a little old but none the less astounding: South Dakota State Representative Issac Lattrell (R) wrote a blog post titled, “Planned Parenthood worse than ISIS and lying about it.”

The blog post begins with, “Most states including South Dakota allow for the death penalty for murderers,” which gives you a pretty good idea about how the rest of the blog post goes.  The purpose of the blog entry, to a large extent, is to promote Representative Lattrell’s bill which would ban any “licensed physician may knowingly behead a living unborn child with the intent of endangering the life or health of the child.”

For it’s part, Planned Parenthood denies that any such procedure takes place in South Dakota, and notes that they only perform first trimester abortions in the state.  They also condemned Representative Lattrell’s post as “inappropriate,” saying, “I think the majority of South Dakotans would agree that comparing Planned Parenthood to a terrorist organization is just going too far. No matter what you feel about abortion or about Planned Parenthood, it’s an inflammatory and really inappropriate comparison.”

Unsurprisingly, this turned into a lovely Twitter hashtag, #WorseThanISIS:

Even Representative Lattrell must have thought that the post of the blog was problematic, as he retitled it to, “Planned Parenthood beheading children and lying about it.”  Nice “toned down” version there.

Abortion is, of course, a politically charged and deeply personal issue.  That being said, rhetoric like this doesn’t help anyone.  When we discuss an issue as serious and important as abortion, all of us in public office have an obligation to use words that tone down the debate, not further inflame it, regardless of the passion behind our words.

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