Georgia State Representative via Faceboolk: I want to “slap” conservative actress

In another example of how you need to think before you use social media, Georgia State Representative Dar’shun Kendrick (D) took to social media to attack conservative actress Stacey Dash for Dash’s remarks on an following an Oscar acceptance speech.

This one started when Dash, who is highly conservative, took to Fox to attack Patricia Arquette.  Arquette, in her Oscar acceptance speech, called for wage equality between women and men.  Dash objected to Arquette’s remarks and said she was appalled, noting that there was a hypocrisy given the lack of diversity in the audience and among the award nominees, while noting that she believed a 1963 Equal Pay Law guaranteed wage equality.

Dash’s remarks caused Representative Kendrick to make the following post to her Facebook accounts:

Dar'shun Kendrick Facebook

Dash caught the remarks and responded via Twitter:

Kendrick then responded to Dash:

However, as others accurately noted, the “recanting” was within the status itself…there was no separate apology.  Additionally, Representative Kendrick did not delete the Facebook status.

First of all, an apology within an offensive post doesn’t count.  If you know a post you are making is offensive, you don’t make it.  Apologizing within the same offensive post completely negates the impact of an apology.  Second, you never, ever use any sort of violent words towards another person in a social media update…particularly if you are an elected official.  Regardless of the rationale or how minor “slap” may be, Representative Kendrick was in the wrong here.


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