Five things you must do on social media…if you want to tick off your followers

If you are looking to anger your social media followers, then boy, have I got a post for you!  Of course, if you want to keep them happy, then do the exact opposite of everything I am typing right now.

1.  Get condescending: I can literally think of few ways to piss off your followers more than this.  This is doubly true for elected officials, since you are supposed to lead and represent, not insult and talk-down.  Debate and disagreement are fine, but you have to do so in a manner that is polite and respectful.

2.  Get vulgar: If you do this on your own Facebook page, you deserve whatever you get.  Always maintain a basic level of respect.

3.  Overuse “IMPORTANT” or “BREAKING”:  Have you been driven nuts by news organizations which constantly scream “Breaking News!” about something that isn’t even slightly breaking, or all that important?  Don’t become part of that trend.  If something is important or breaking, use it, but don’t overuse it.

4.  Become a one-note band:  Generally speaking, your social media content needs to center around a broad issue, like constituent service, your business, etc.  However, you shouldn’t pick one sub-issue and only talk about that.  Keep your content diverse, but on message.

5.  Ignore legitimate questions:  There are times I’ve ignored people who have commented on my Facebook page, but that’s only because it’s clear from their tone or words that they don’t want to discuss an issue – they just want to yell.  If, however, someone is legitimately looking to resolve a problem or get an answer for a question, and you ignore them, you are at fault.  You always have to make a point of trying to answer those who are looking for real assistance.

Any more to add?  Let us know in the comments!

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