Five easy ways to gain more social media followers

Anyone who uses social media wants to gain more followers…and why not?  After all, that’s one of the primary benefits of social media – to connect with more and more people.  And, certainly, anyone who holds a political office is constantly looking to expand their influence and reach.  To that end, learning how to expand your social media following is very important.

However, before I go into the five tips on how to do that, a very important caveat: While expanding your social media following is good, it’s not the only thing, nor is it the most important. Using social media to connect with and influence your audience is far more important than just expanding your numbers.  You could be connected with everyone in the world, but if your content isn’t up to snuff, who cares?

Content and connections are FAR more important than numbers.  However, expanding your following is certainly a good thing!  So, here are five ways to make those social media numbers grow:

1.  Cross promotion: Are you advertising your Instagram on Facebook?  Your Twitter on your blog?  Do it, and gain that critical cross-pollination.

2.  Prominent placement on your website: Make sure that a link to your social media sites is highly visible on your website – it should have prime real estate at the top of the page.  Widgets and logos are a great way of steering additional attention that way as well.

3.  Email signature & Emails: Don’t forget to include a link to your social media sites in your Email signature.  Additionally, don’t hesitate to, periodically, Email your supporters and encourage them to like/follow you.  You only get followers if you ask!

4.  Print Material: Every piece of print material you use should have the URL for your social media presence, as well as a condensed version of the logo, if you can.

5.  Paid ads: Paid ads are great.  I have used them for non-profits and my campaign sites, and they are fantastic, particularly given how targeted and customized you can make your potential audience, and thus your message.  If you are looking to do paid ads for your government social media, be warned, you should check with your legal and ethics department.

Any others to add?  Would love to hear your thoughts – let us know in the comments!

Thanks for participating in the discussion!

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