How to make your own infographic

For the past few years, infographics have been all the rage, and you’ve almost certainly seen one on the internet at some point.  An infographic is a graphically appealing way of condensing as much information as possible into a designed picture. Their goal, more often than not, is to go viral and spread as quickly possible over social media.

Using infographics is a great way of spreading valuable information.  According to studies, infographics are better for processing information and far more likely to be shared socially.

Still, they can be a pain to create, and unless you have a working knowledge of graphic design, it’s difficult to create one on your own.  So how can you create an infographic on a subject you care about?

There are two primary ways:

  • Hire someone:  Fortunately, there are no shortage of services which will allow you to hire someone to create an infographic.  Examples of such services include oDesk, eLance or Infographic World.  As for the cost, those typically run on an hourly rate.
  • Use websites to create your own: If you have the information and are looking for good websites to help you format it, fear not!  Examples of websites that can help you pull together an infographic include Visually Create, and Piktochart.  Be warned, these are usually template designs, and that means that other people will probably have the same formats as you. Also, many of these models works on a Freemium basis – basic features are free, but more advanced features are paid.

Infographics can also be labor intensive, and you have to come prepared with the right information – but if you do, you can make a great point in a small amount of space.

Any tips to add?  We could use them – let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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