Use social media like it’s a GoPro

A recently announced a partnership will soon give viewers an incredible new view into a hockey game: GoPro is partnering with the NHL to strap cameras to the heads of players and give viewers an incredible shot of a hockey game that they had previously not had access to: the first person look of the game.

If you like hockey, this is incredible. You’ll now get to see what a hockey game looks like from the perspective of a player.  Indeed, it is that perspective which makes the game absolutely fascinating to hockey junkies: they can get a look at what their favorite game looks like when it’s being played live.  This is an incredible view that has previously been inaccessible to all but the players.

Why am I writing about it on a blog for social media and elected officials?  Because this one of many ways in which every elected official should be using social media: to provide a perspective previously unseen.  One of my favorite political uses of social media came from Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA), who Vined his vote against an anti-abortion bill:

This behind the scenes look provides a level of intimacy that had been previously unavailable to the average voters. I’ll use myself in another example: last week, Governor Tom Wolf was sworn in as Pennsylvania’s new Governor.  I took part in two processions: one at his swearing in, and one that night at his Inaugural party.  In the course of doing so, I snapped a few pictures and uploaded them:

Should this be done all the time?  No–you risk looking like all you care about is the glamour and the celebrity aspects of being an elected official, and the job is far too serious to do this too often.  However, people do enjoy that behind the scenes look.  Uploading shots like this, on occasion, shows that you are connected and engaged.  It also shows you have nothing to hide: to a large extent, the life you live as an elected official is an open book, and posts like this can help show that.

That being said, I think the idea of using social media like it’s a GoPro is a good model: Show everything.  Hold nothing back.  And give a perspective that is normally hidden from the average viewer.

Do you have anything to add?  As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts: let me know in the comments!

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