When attacking the President, make sure to get your grammar right

This past Tuesday was the President’s annual State of the Union address.  The most noted viral moment of the speech was probably when the President went off-script and attacked Congressional Republicans who cheered when he said that he was never campaigning again, but another social media tweet is earning it’s share of social media buzz as well.  That would be this tweet, sent by Governor Robert Jindal (R-LA) before the start of the speech:

Note anything off about the tweet?  That last sentence: “Your” should be “You’re.”  Twitter, of course, was kind and merciful about the grammar mistake.

Haha, no, they were vicious:

To this credit, the Governor never deleted the tweet, and it’s still up.

The Governor himself probably wasn’t the person who actually put up the tweet, but it is obviously reflecting on him anyway. The lesson here is clear: make sure to proof your social media updates before sending, because otherwise, “your” at risk of looking like an idiot.  Mistakes happen, but they can be prevented.

I’ll also add that the person running the Governor’s Twitter account should have sent out a correction – it could have even be spun into another attack on President Obama or Common Core, two of the Governor’s favorite targets, but something should have been sent acknowledging the error and spinning it in a positive manner.

Regardless, this isn’t the attention that Governor wanted: national news for a grammar error.

At least it wasn’t as bad as this State of the Union response that the Governor gave in 2009:

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