Well, this is awkward: Blackberry deletes tweet that was sent from an iPhone


As captured by The Verge, Blackberry sent out a tweet…via an iPhone, their main rivals:

Given Blackberry’s serious financial struggles, which largely came as a result of the rise of the iPhone, this is a particularly embarrassing mistake.

The tweet, naturally, has been deleted, though this isn’t the first time this has happened to Blackberry.  This also isn’t the first time that the “via Twitter for iPhone” has embarrassed someone.  After the death of Steve Jobs, Apple’s iconic founder, the lunatics at the Westboro Baptist Church (the “religious” organization that protests the funerals of soldiers and celebrities) sent out this rather embarrassing tweet:


See that little “via Twitter for iPhone” caption at the bottom of the paragraph?  Yeah.  That’s embarrassing.

Anyway, a note about this: you cannot see how a tweet was sent if you are looking at your Twitter timeline via the Twitter app on a mobile device.  You can, however, see that information when you are looking at the Twitter website, which displays how a tweet was sent.  As always, Twitter doesn’t allow you to hide things, no matter how hard you try.

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