Married congressman used online forum to joke about drinking & hitting on women

Congressman Blake Farenthold (R-TX) is having women problems. Three days ago, it was announced that the Congressman was being sued by a Lauren Greene, his former communications director, who said that Farenthold created an uncomfortable work environment for her while making sexual comments.

Last week, a Huffington Post story escalated Farenthold’s problems based on comments that he had made in an online forum, The comments were made between 2006-2010, before he was elected to Congress.  Among the gems that Farenthold said (all posts copied from Huffington Post)

  • “I get upgraded. It’s my seat. I can give it to my wife if I like, or if I’m traveling alone the hot redhead in 12B in hopes of……”
  • “Pregnant wife in [business class] with me in [economy] = waste of 9 hours of free booze. Pregnant wife in [economy] with me in [business class] = waste of 9 MONTHS of my happiness.”
  • “[The flight attendant] thought after 4 vodka shots (they were serving caviar) I’d had enough and cut me off for the rest of the flight. She said she’d get in trouble if I appeared over served at customs. At 250 lbs and a week in Russia, 4 vodkas wasn’t even a good start on being over served..”

In response, a Farenthold spokesman said:

These postings are talking about traveling experiences that millions of Americans experience every day…it’s a bit of a reach to try and selectively pull out postings from before he was even elected to Congress, before he was in public life and draw the line that this provides validity to something that’s going on more than five years later.

By the way, the discovery of these comments also comes after news broke that, for some really weird reason, Farenthold owns the website domain to

Are these comments the end of the world?  Well, they aren’t good, I can say that much, but they also aren’t the worst things I’ve ever read. Clearly, they were made before his election to Congress, but I would certainly argue that they go against the Congressman’s character an judgment.  It’s also worth noting that it probably isn’t too smart to joke about hitting on women if you have been married for 28 years.

No one, public official or not, should leave comments online that may haunt them at a later date. A good rule of thumb is this: never, ever say anything online that you don’t want on the front page of your local paper.

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