Pennsylvania guidance counselor threatens to shoot protestors

In the aftermath of the Ferguson shootings, protestors across the country have been holding “die-ins,” in which they lie “dead” (usually for 4.5 minutes, to signify the 4.5 hours that Michael Brown’s body lay on the streets in Ferguson) in a public place.  One such die-in was held after last Sunday’s Eagle game, and that brings us to today’s fail:
Marykate Nyman Blankenburgjpg

The above Facebook post was apparently posted by Marykate Blankenburg. It’s an offensive enough post, but it’s Blankenburg’s occupation that creates the real problem here: She’s a guidance counselor at Central Bucks West High School in the Central Bucks School District. Unsurprisingly, Blankenburg has been put on paid leave and the county District Attorney’s office has been contacted.

The School District is now in the fact-finding portion of its investigation. According to the school’s superintendent, Dr. David Weitzel:

“Responding with urgency and concern, we immediately began an investigation, including verification of the source of the post, and we will take appropriate action once we learn all of the facts.”

Meanwhile, the Facebook account in question has since been deleted. When initially contacted about the post, Blankenburg said that “my child might have gotten hold of my iPad.”

The lessons here:

  • If Blankenburg made the post, she should be fired for poor judgement. No one who speaks like this should be in a position of authority or working with kids.
  • If it was her kids, two things:
    • Everyone needs to give their kids, of any age, proper digital education (“Don’t touch this, don’t type that, don’t use these words, etc). I’m a parent too, and I can certainly imagine that, perhaps, Blankenburg did teach her kids what to say and what not to say, and they simply ignored her.  That being said, a good rule of thumb is this: If they are old enough to use a device, they are old enough to know what they should and should not do.
    • If you are worried about your kids using digital devices without your consent, add a password.

Either way, hopefully, the investigation will get to the bottom of whatever really happened.  That being said, this is a national news story. Blankenburg’s career, fair or unfair, is in big trouble.

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