Sephora launches #CountdownToBeauty, misses critical “O”

Sephora is a makeup and beauty giant that has locations throughout the world. Last week, the company opened its first store in Sydney, Australia, which is now the largest Sephora in the Southern Hemisphere. In an effort to promote the new launch, the company launched the #CountdownToBeauty campaign on Facebook and Twitter. Makes perfect sense. Unfortunately, someone forgot to proof the text first:


The post was deleted without comment, but naturally, a variety of responses quickly began to circulate using the vulgar hashtag:

Some, however, didn’t buy the “mistake”:

Interestingly enough, Sephora never commented on the story, which, in my mind, would lend credence to the argument that they did this on purpose: Commenting would just take ink away from the reason that the vulgar post was accidentally made in the first place, which was to announce the new opening of the Sydney store. After all, if it was a mere harmless typo, why not just have a spokesperson say, “Whoops, our bad,” and be done with it? And it is certainly safe to say that the mistake got Sephora – and its new Sydney location – a ton of free publicity across the world.

Me? Just an opinion: I think this was a clever marketing ploy. If you are going to make a social media mistake, a “typo” is the least offensive one you can make, as its easy enough for people to assume that it was just an innocent blunder.  Of course, that’s just a hunch – I have no proof of that and could very easily be wrong.

What do you think: Smart marketing or honest error? Let us know in the comments!

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