Twitter Fail from Twitter CFO: Chief Financial Officer accidentally tweets about purchasing another company

This is the first time I can remember the a C-Level Twitter staffer making a major Twitter fail, but here we are!

Anthony Noto joined Twitter in July as the company’s Chief Financial Officer.  Obviously, he is involved in a variety of major Twitter projects, including acquisitions.  And, while discussing one of those acquisitions, Noto tweeted this:

Anthony Noto TweetWhoops.  Noto deleted the tweet but it was captured before it could be removed, leading to national news.  There were many reactions to this, including, hilariously, from Anthony Weiner, who may have the world’s most famous accidental public tweet:

Noto has not commented on the tweet, nor has anyone from Twitter, but that obviously hasn’t stopped other news organizations and blogs from discussing who Twitter may be looking to buy.

The lesson here: don’t use Twitter for direct messaging confidential information.  I try to avoid DMs in general – I think Email or texting is a better way to communication, particularly given that the 140 character limit still applies.  As Noto and Weiner have both shown us, confusing a Direct Message with a public tweet can have disastrous consequences.

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