County GOP Chair in Minnesota: “Muslims are terrorists. They don’t belong in this country.”

File this one under C for Crazy.

The Chair of the Big Stone County GOP in Minnesota is Jack Whitley.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Whitley isn’t the Chair for long, after going on the Facebook screed below:

Big Stone County Republican ChairOh dear.

By the way, that wasn’t the only example of Mr. Whitley’s particular brand of crazy.  Other examples can be found on the Bluestem Prairie, which first captured the story.  Here’s another winner:

Jack Whitley Hates Muslims

Unsurprisingly, the remarks were condemned by the Chair of the Minnesota State GOP, Keith Downey:

I condemn the outrageous comments posted on Mr. Whitley’s Facebook page.  They could not be further from the Republican Party’s beliefs, nor more contrary to the efforts we have undertaken to include Muslim Americans, and every American, in our Party.

Now, the standard question: Did Mr. Whitley apologize, or do the double down?

The double down.  After the initial controversy, he wrote:

I will not apologize and I will not compromise. They either need to repent except [sic] Jesus Chist [sic] or leave the country … If you want to consider this a call to arms, then so be it.

In an interview with the Minnesota StarTribune, Whitley added that, ”

“I have no desire to hold hands and play pattycake with these people.  It’s pointless. They don’t understand peace…They understand one thing, and that’s aggressive force.”

However, it has since been noted by Bluestream Prairie that Whitley deleted his profile.  I went looking and couldn’t find it either, so that would certainly seem to be the case.  So, Mr. Whitley is clearly very brave…until the heat gets to hot to handle.  What a surprise.

This guy is a winner.

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  1. I heard that Facebook deleted his site. Oh my the way go ahead and fire Mr.Whitley for calling Muslims terrorists. Is it ok for the MN Republican Party to apologize to CAIR? They have been designated as a terrorist organization not once but twice by UAE. Unbelievable!


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