School District Administrator: Black men dating white women is “every father’s nightmare”

A bizarre and offensive retweet has gotten a school district administrator in Norfolk, Virgini, into quite a bit of trouble.

Here’s what happened.  Last June, the Assistant Principal of Booker T. Washington High School, Amy Strickland, retweeted this picture:

Amy Strickland Twitter

If you can’t see the Twitter, it list “every white girl’s father’s worst nightmare” and features black men with white girls in prom gear.  The tweet is obviously offensive, and even more so for a community like Norfolk, which is almost 43% African-American.  Strickland is white. Unsurprisingly, her Twitter account has been deleted.

The tweet was sent almost six months ago but is only gaining national attention now.  Students in the district were obviously upset.  Said one, “I could have been any one of the boys in the picture…And I really don’t see myself, like I said earlier, as anyone’s worst nightmare.”  Many students protested the tweet by walking out of school.

The School District seemed unaware of the tweet when first contacted by reporters, but said they would look into the matter.  As I type this, no one from the school or from the district has made a statement, saying that they can’t do so because it is a personnel matter.

This was an absurdly stupid tweet under any circumstances, even forgetting for a moment that it was made in a heavily African-American community.  No one in any position of power (or anyone, really) should send out a tweet like that.  I have to think that major disciplinary actions are coming for Strickland, and wouldn’t be surprised to hear if she is no longer employed.  There’s just no explanation here.

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