Anatomy of a Fail: Dave & Busters and the no good, very bad tweet

As you have probably noticed, this blog tends to go broader than just political screw ups when it comes to social media.  I’m gonna categorize those disasters from now on by providing an in-depth examination of what happened, called Anatomy of a Fail.  The fails will be examined in a similar structure to my book (did you know I wrote a book called Tweets and Consequences that you can by on Amazon…just in case you hadn’t heard……….).

So, here’s our first Anatomy of a Fail, courtesy of Dave & Busters.

The Fail:

This occurred at 1:01pm, EST on November 18, 2014.  The tweet in question had some very clear racial undertones:

Dave and Busters Racist Taco Tweet

The tweet was deleted 40 minutes later.

The Reaction:

Unsurprisingly, the tweet was not well received:

A quick news search reveals dozens of stories, including on some national outlets like CNBC.

The Apology:

This came at 2:15, almost an hour and a half after the initial fail, while others let it go.

The reaction to the apology:  Many took shots at D&B for their inability to use proper grammar:

The stock market reaction:

Check out this chart of Dave & Buster’s stock today:

Dave & Busters Stock

See that dip? It occured a little before 2:00pm – just after the screw-up first went public.  I can’t say with 100% certainty, but I’d bet that the errand tweet is what caused D&B’s stock price to drop.  It was off 2.7% today, while the NASDAQ was up .67%.

Enjoy the blog?  Then make sure to buy the book!  Tweets and Consequences: 60 Social Media Disasters in Politics and How You Can Avert a Career-Ending Mistake is now available for purchase on your Kindle!

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