Don’t retweet pictures if you don’t know who they are of – it may be of Nazi’s or War Criminals

California Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) was trolled pretty badly on Twitter last week.  He had been retweeting pictures of military veterans, as tweeted to him by followers, when his account retweeted of figures who had, shall we say, less than favorable views towards America and civilians.  Among the retweets he sent:

Darrell Issa Lee Harvey Oswald

“my uncle Lee” is Lee Harvey Oswald

Darrell Issa War Criminal

William Calley, a member of the US Military who murdered 22 Vietnamese citizens in 1968.

Darrell Issa Retweets Nazijpg

Nazi Heinrich Himmler, the architect of the “final solution.”

The retweets were deleted, and Issa’s team noted that the account was controlled by the Congressman’s staff, not the Congressman himself.

Considering that the entire purpose of the thread (#AmericasVets) was to honor veterans, this is a pretty serious trolling.

Congressman Issa isn’t the first person of prominence to be trolled like this on Twitter.  Donald Trump (who, as we have previously established, isn’t very good at Twitter) once sent out this tweet:

Donald Trump Retweet Serial Killer

Above: Not an inspiration to anyone except other serial killers

The above picture is actually of Fred and Rosemary West, who killed at least 11 women in England over a 30 year period.

The lesson of this bizarre incident is to be careful what you tweet – or retweet.  There’s no way to confirm that a picture isn’t of a Nazi or a War Criminal before retweeting it, and even if there was, that would be a clunky process.  If there is a statement you are retweeting, you should try to confirm its accuracy before sending the information from your own account.  Above all else, be careful with your content, and remember, when you crowd-source your Twitter feed, this is an inherent danger.


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