Missouri Governor accidentally tweets out picture of women’s butt

Well, chalk this one up to tweeting too quickly.

Governor Jay Nixon of Missouri was trying to send out a tweet of himself at a polling place, ready to vote.  It didn’t go exactly as planned:

Jay Nixon Tweet

The rest of the picture, which I’m not showing but which you can find easily enough, showed a woman’s butt crack–her pants weren’t pulled all the way up.


The tweet, of course, was deleted very quickly, and replaced with this one:

This is the part where I would go into the “lesson” of the tweet, but…uhh…don’t tweet photos of plumbers crack?  That’s one of the strangest things I’ve ever written on this blog, and I have written a lot of very strange things.

In all seriousness, the lesson here is the same as the take-away for any of the many tweets I have discussed which have contained typos or bad links: slow down.  Slow down.  Sure, Twitter is all about speed, but I would recommend following a ten second rule: compose a tweet and then take ten seconds – just ten – to see if your tweet makes sense.  Review for typos and check out your pictures – this was an easy mistake that can happen to anyone.

One Comment

  1. another reason why no one other than the people actually voting (and official workers and official watchers) should be in the room – – NO PRESS, which is the rule in Pa.


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