State Senator sends Facebook message to taunt laid off reporter

I’ve written previously about Tennessee State Senator Stacey Campfield, the genius who recently blogged that Obamacare is like the Holocaust.  Campfield is also the author of the infamous “don’t say gay” legislation, which would have stopped any K-8 teachers from discussing homosexuality.  Senator Campfield’s constituents had apparently had enough, as he lost his 2014 primary reelection 69-26.  That’s a pretty serious loss for any incumbent.

Enter Cari Gervin, a former reporter for the Metro Pulse in Knoxville.  I say former because Gervin, like other reports at the Metro Pulse, were let go in a round of layoffs.  Apparently, Campfield had been previously upset at reporting by Gervin, because he sent her this Facebook message:

Yes, that’s right, a State Senator is taunting a recently laid off reporter.  If that doesn’t get your blood boiling, I’m not quite sure what will.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Gervin said that Campfield had previously sent her “mean, harassing text messages.” Clearly, someone failed media relations 101, but that’s another story.

In an interview with Reuters, Campfield said, ““Do I care about someone who lost their job lying about me? No.” He also made these comments on Facebook in response to a post on the matter:

Well when someone has lied about you as much as Gervin lied about me. Reporting how my events were canceled when they were not. Never retracting what she said. Reporting complete mistruths even after I gave her contact people to verify what I was saying was completely true (of course 48 hours before the election). Then contacting me right after the election to ask me “so do you have any comments now?” then I think turn about is fair play. If you can’t take, don’t dish.

Lots of reporters have been fired. Have you ever seen me comment on them? Doubt it. Because mostly they were at least somewhat fair and reasonable. They didn’t always agree with my point of view but that’s ok. At least they were not making things up or completely disregarding the truth to hit me. Gervin did.

So, two wrongs make a right, according to Senator Campfield.  It’s good to know that he has the moral compass of a kindergartner.  Okay, that’s an unfair statement.  To kindergartners.

As I have said many times before, I don’t think social media makes people dumber, I just think it gives people who are already dumb another venue in which they can spew dumb things.  Clearly, the outgoing Senator is a prime example of this. To send a message like this to another human being who has recently been laid off requires a lack of judgement, tact, and frankly, heart.  Clearly, Campfield has issues which go well beyond the propensity to do stupid things on Facebook and blogs.

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