Missouri County Recorder of Deeds: President is a “domestic enemy,” can he be ousted?

Debbie Dunnegan is the Recorder of Deeds in Jefferson County, Missouri.  In a Facebook post last week, Dunnegan, a Republican, posed this question:

Debbie Dunnegan Waters

Just to be clear, she is asking a question to the military: The President is “supposedly the commander in chief,” but Dunnegan is questioning why “no action” has been taken “against our domestic enemy [the President],” since “the constitution gives you the authority.”

Oh good.  An elected office holder is calling for a military coup against the democratically elected President of the United States.  I don’t seem to remember that section of the Constitution.  Could just be me though.

As the story noted, Dunnegan’s Facebook page is private, but Dunnegan said that she had not deleted the post. In follow-up interviews, Dunnegan said that she “meant no ill intent towards the President,” and called her remarks “innocent and simple.”  If she didn’t mean any ill intent towards the President, I’m gonna just go ahead and ask what exactly she DID mean.  Anyway, Dunnegan is up for reelection this month.  She also noted that the comments could just as easily help or hurt her reelection bid.

In a later statement, Dunnegan said:

“ISIS is beheading American citizens and they promise more. Five top Taliban Terrorist leaders are set free. Ebola has been intentionally brought on American soil and is being handled with less care than the flu. The borders aren’t secure. America is in great danger. The president does nothing. This Senate does nothing. I am extremely frustrated and I am not the only one. In my frustration, I asked the question what is the military allowed to do? I am not a traitor. I did not ask our military to commit treason.

Her opponent, Democrat Mike Bone, said, “I found the comments very disturbing. A suggestion of a military coup over our president? I was appalled.”

As a general rule, I’ve always thought that calling for a military coup against the President of the United States was bad for your career as an elected official…and, as a side note, I cannot believe that I just typed those words.  Regardless, Dunnegan had not apologized for her remarks.  Indeed, she also took to Twitter to defend herself:

So, let’s review: calling for an armed takeover of the Presidency is bad.  I’m glad we’ve established this.

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