Content tip to increase your views and engagement: Specifically leverage others

This past Monday, I ran a guest blog entry from my friends at Goff Public. As I watched my views on the entry climb, I was struck by something: Guest Blog Entries do really well in terms of generating traffic.  This served as a good reminder for me, and it’s a tip I wanted to share with you: Specifically leverage other individuals in order to increase your social media views engagement.

One of the most basic Twitter best practices is that you need to retweet and mention others as frequently as possible.  This not only increases your engagement, but helps to increase your followers, as it makes your content more diverse, interesting and other-centered.  That being said, I’m not just talking about responding to other people.  I’m talking about specifically, and with their permission, repurposing quotes and content from others.  Network-specific examples include:

  • Facebook & Twitter: Don’t just share or retweet someone.  Straight up quote them, and mention them while doing so.  For example:  “.@mikeschlossberg: Don’t just retweet – quote someone if you are listening to them in real life.”  If you tweeted that at me in real life, I would be pretty likely to retweet that, as I’d be flattered that someone quoted me in a positive manner and made me look like an expert worth quoting.
  • Blogging: Guest blog entries are fantastic, because others are likely to share the content, thus increasing views on your blog.

Everything I’m saying here is obviously a little different than the standard share or retweet – it involves taking someone’s content and attributing it to them (not plagiarizing, of course).  Why is this different?

The answer is simple: people like seeing their names quoted in a positive manner by others.  To that end, if you do that, they are more likely to retweet, like, comment or share the information that you share.  Whenever I do a guest blog entry or interview, I always make sure to use their Twitter handle when I tweet out the title.  That makes the user more likely to share the information – and this, in turn, helps to increase views and followers.

It’s a simple trick, but a powerful one, as it can dramatically extend your reach.

Thanks for participating in the discussion!

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