Speaker Boehner tweets a blank job plan

This past Tuesday, Speaker John Boehner sent out this perplexing tweet:

The tweet itself went to this website, which listed Boehner’s five points for job recovery: Tax code reform, spending reductions, legal reform, regulatory reform and education improvements.  However, the implication here is obvious for anyone who doesn’t like the Speaker or Republicans: The five blank points were the best that the Republican party could do, and that they had no jobs plan.

Indeed, the Twitter accounts of Democrats lit up:

As this MSNBC story noted, the entire thing turned into an insult exchange between other Democratic members of Congress and the Speaker, with the Speaker doing his best to fight off attacks on this errand tweet.

Meanwhile, other Twitter users also had a field day:

There were no shortage of news stories on the subject as well, and it certainly led to media coverage that the Speaker could have done without.  The Speaker’s office did try to snark their way out of the nasty tweets from fellow Congressional members:

The clever response wasn’t a bad way to handle the issue, but I have to say, the entire tweet is perplexing.  I have to think it was an accident, because no one, in their right mind, would send out a political tweet like that, as it practically begged for satire.  Indeed, in looking at the page which contains the tweet itself, it appeared that the first mocking reply literally occurred within a minute of the tweet being sent.  Leaving a tweet blank left it ripe for photoshop – indeed, a somewhat similar tweet sent months ago by President Obama ended with a similar disaster.

So, the moral here: don’t send out charged or controversial tweets that can be easily manipulated by your opposition.  It will end with you having some explaining to do.


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