Donald Trump is not good at Twitter: Messes up latest endorsement

Last week, Donald Trump tried to use Twitter to endorse Senator Mitch McConnell’s reelection campaign.  It did not go well:

Donald Trump McConnell for SpeakerIs that possible?  Actually, yes, since the Speaker of the House doesn’t actually have to be a House member, though that’s never happened.  Regardless, whoever sent out this tweet got their wires crossed: McConnell may be the next Senate Majority Leader, but he most certainly won’t be the next Speaker.

Anyway, two days later (not sure why it took so long), Trump sent out this corrective tweet:

Donald Trump McConnell for Speaker Correction
This is a terrible tweet for two reasons:

1) Someone unknown?  Really?  Trump styles himself as one of the world’s leading businessmen, but “someone unknown” has access to his Twitter account?  That’s definitely not a management best practice.

2) Why did it take two days to correct?  This is a basic mistake and someone should have made the switch right away.

Incidentally, this isn’t the first time that Trump has had trouble with an endorsement tweet…far from it, in fact.  In August, Trump tried to tweet his support of Tom Cotton’s Arkansas Senate campaign, noting that Cotton was a Rhodes Scholar…except Cotton wasn’t a Rhodes scholar, and the tweet was deleted.  Then, in late August, Trump tweeted his endorsement of Scott Brown against New Hampshire Senator Jeanne Shaheen.  In the process, he attempted to tweet at Shaheen, but instead directed the tweet at a Rhode Island State Senator with the same last name.

The end result here is a systemic issue for whoever runs Trump’s Twitter account.  Whoever that person is really needs to get better at their research.  It’s amazing what you can screw up in 140 characters, a lesson that Donald Trump should have learned by now.



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