10 content ideas for elected officials using social media

  1. Ten content ideas for elected officials using social mediaThe quick video: A one minute video that details your latest policy initiative, local project or whatever is on your mind at a given moment.  Upload it to YouTube, then cross link it to all of your social media and your website.
  2. The REALLY quick video: Same thing, but in six seconds – in other words, a Vine.
  3. Show your votes: In session or fresh off a meeting?  Discuss your votes – tell people what you voted on and how you voted.
  4. Policy post a day: In the mood to stir up some debate and fire up your fans?  Spend a week posting your thoughts on a different policy issue, every day, and watch people support and defend your position.
  5. Fact a day: Post a quick policy fact on an issue you care about. This will help inform your social media fans and position you as a knowledgeable expert in a certain field.
  6. Local organization highlight: Use your social media to showcase a local organization by discussing their mission and ways that your fans can get involved.  Be warned, there may be some ethical issues here, as you always have to make sure that you aren’t using government resources to inappropriately assist a non-profit.
  7. Show your schedule: Every elected official that I know has a busy schedule – show it off.  Take a picture of where you are during the day and upload those pictures at the end of the day, along with a description of the events you attended and your participation.
  8. Thank your staff: Take a moment to use social media to celebrate your staff.  Thank them for their incredible work and acknowledge their successes on behalf of the people you represent.
  9. Traffic: No one likes getting stuck in traffic.  If you find out about a traffic jam, share the information on your social media.  This can be even more useful if you can find out about road closures and detours in advance – contact your local Department of Transportation to see if they have a distribution list to which they can add you.
  10. Local history: Have pictures of your community from the past?  Use social media to post that information!

And other quick content ideas?  Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for participating in the discussion!

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