British Councilor in hot water after telling the world how she got out of a speeding ticket

Ruth Rosenau is a Councilor in West Midlands, England.  She is also the subject of today’s post because of this Facebook status:

Ruth Rosenau on how to get our of a speeding ticet

Some background on this status, which you may have seen posted by your friends: They are not completely random, as they are aimed at raising breast cancer awareness (I’ll be the first to admit that I completely miss the connection here). Other statuses used in this campaign include:

  • “No toilet paper – Goodbye socks!!!”
  • “Damn diarrhea”
  • “Anyone got any tampons? I’m desperate”

Apparently, Councilor Rosenau made the post above and was promptly smacked down by members of her own party, who told her to remove the post.  A Labor Party spokesman added, ““I can confirm that we suggested that it wasn’t an appropriate post from a senior councillor.”

Rosenau, however, refused, saying:

It was in relation to on online campaign where you are required to post something controversial on your status to raise awareness about Breast cancer and Prostate cancer. My dad died from cancer and so I think it is important to raise awareness and get the message out there.

There is no question here that Councilor Rosenau’s intentions were good.  However, the problem is that the vast, overwhelming majority of people saw this post and went, “Huh?  Why is an elected official posting that?”  It’s very easy to see how someone could view this post as inappropriate.

My feeling?  Don’t make a post like this if you are an elected official.  The vast, overwhelming majority of people will have no idea why you’ve made this post.  If you are an elected official, a post like this is probably beneath your dignity.  Instead, post a link to a website that has methods of cancer detection, or charities that you can donate your money to.  That is infinitely more effective and appropriate.

Do you think elected officials should avoid posts like these?  Let me know in the comments!

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