Ted Cruz spokeswoman criticizes President Obama for hosting Katy Perry at White House…even though event was for Special Olympics

Last week, President Obama held an event at the White House that celebrated the Special Olympics. Among the celebrities that attended were pop icon Katy Perrty.

Enter Amanda Carpenter, communications staff and spokeswoman for Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).  Carpenter is a prolific twitter user and once found herself on the receiving end of a nasty social media attack, when an angry California Democratic party official said that he hoped her children died “from debilitating, painful and incurable diseases.”  Anyway, yesterday, Carpenter fired off these two tweets, referencing Perry’s presence at the White House:

AmandaCarpenter The problem, of course, is that Carpenter appears to be attacking President Obama for having an event that honors the Special Olympics.  It wasn’t as if the President was just hanging out with Katy Perry; she was there for a good cause.  The reactions, naturally, were not positive, with many criticizing Carpenter for attacking before at least using Google.

Carpenter realized her mistake and deleted the tweets, then sent out an apology…follow by a retweet of some of the attacks she was getting:

The lesson here?  Don’t jump the gun.  The President doesn’t usually have public events with celebrities, at the White House, for no apparent reason, and Amanda Carpenter is experienced enough to know that she should have checked why Katy Perry was at the White House first.  In her rush to judgement, she neglected the facts, and that’s something that all of us need to be careful about doing.  I don’t blame her for deleting the tweets, since they were inaccurate, and she did apologize, so that part was handled well.

One Comment

  1. Fine with this article until it insinuates that there are no celebs at the White House wihtout good reason. That isn’t true. Didn’t Cher and her mother as well as Betty White just happen to stop by? And even when there’s an alleged reason, some visitors have raised eyebrows, i.e. Common.


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