Not how you win swing voters: Democrats in Iowa county refer to former President Reagan as “white supremacist”

I’ve written in the past about county parties who stray far, far off message and post blatantly racist content, and here’s another entry in that field.

In Iowa, the Democratic Party of Black Hawk County made a pretty offensive Facebook post:

Black Hawk County Democrats Facebook posts that calls former President Reagan a white supremacist

Not good.  Not good!

The post has since been removed but made national headlines, with stories appearing on liberal websites like Talking Points Memo.

Iowa Republicans, naturally, found the post offensive and called for an apology.  In a statement, Scott Adkins, the Chair of the Black Hawk County GOP, called the post:

offensive and extremely disrespectful to the Reagan family…It’s unfortunate that our counterparts at the Democrat Party are now taking this type of derogatory attack to the grave of one of the greatest presidents in American history.

Shortly after the story went public, Black Hawk County Democrats did apologize, with Chairwoman Pat Sass saying:

On behalf of the Black Hawk County Democratic Party, I apologize for this unfortunate post. The Black Hawk County Democrats have long believed in equality and acceptance of all Iowans, and this unacceptable post by our volunteer social media coordinator does not live up to the values we have long held dear. We will be reviewing our social media process to ensure this does not happen again.

There is a lesson here for county parties and all elected officials who use others to make their posts: you have to have very clear guidelines about what type of content is and is not acceptable.  Clearly, this falls in the unacceptable range, and appropriate guidelines and training would have intercepted such a bad post.  At a minimum, such guidelines should prohibit derogatory and personal attacks against national leaders and describe what types of content are – and are not – acceptable.  

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