Secretary to Mexican President in hot water over offensive tweet

In honor of the U.S. vs. Germany World Cup game today, here is a World Cup related social media and politics fail:  Erwin Lino, the private secretary to Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, has found himself in trouble for a controversial photo that he tweeted last week.

First, here’s the tweet:


The caption reads, “Honduran soccer team on the way to Brazil.”  By way of context: immigration into Mexico has increased lately, primarily as a result of accelerated violence and hunger.  Central American immigrants have thus fled their home country and sought entrance to Mexico, and the humanitarian crisis has reached a point that Vice President Biden traveled to Central America last week, in order to speak with affected countries about finding solutions to the issue.  The picture itself is a reference to La Bestia or El Tren De La Muerte, which is a train that runs from Central America, into Mexico, carrying thousands of passengers, including many who cling to its exterior.  At least three people have died on the train.

Lino has deleted the tweet, but the damage was obviously done.  Lino’s response?  Surprise – he said he was hacked!  In a tweet, Lino said that his account has been used “by someone other than me.”  Lino said that he changed the password, and added, “An apology for the tweet published earlier.”

Unsurprisingly, according to published news accounts, people are not buying Lino’s explanation that he was hacked.  As of now, Lino still has his job.

The lesson: If you are staff to important people, your visibility increases as well, and you are automatically held to a higher standard by the media and the general public.  Don’t think that you are still anonymous because you are not the actual elected official.

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