Missouri State Representative accidentally tweets picture of…well….

MarkParkinsonMark Parkinson (R-105) is a Missouri State Representative and the latest member of the “How did that tweet get published?” club.  Last week, Parkinson somehow tweeted a picture of a gigantic (parody) erection.  The tweet was deleted, but not before a reporter was able to take a screenshot.  In a series of tweets, Parkinson denied having sent the tweet in the first place and apologized for the error.

What’s even more interesting is that Parkinson’s account is mostly filled with FitBit updates…he doesn’t seem to use Twitter all that much otherwise.

I‘m not sure what really happened here – if Parkinson’s account was hacked or if the tweet was sent out some other way.  Regardless, I think Representative Parkinson handled the situation as best he could: he deleted the tweet, apologized for it, explained what he thought happened, and then answered multiple questions from others.  Clearly, he wasn’t trying to hide the error and he was more then willing to discuss what had happened.  In the event that this unfortunate situation happens to you, handling it as Parkinson did is a good model.

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